Bunker Beats - Weekly Covid Lockdown Fun - EP7

live DJ set by DJ Komotive

Scheduled start time: 29.5. at 7 p.m. UTC Sign In to see times in your local time.


Another weekly session from Bunker Beats with fresh funky, melodic and hard techno into the wee hours of the morning!!! Resident DJ’s playing with some lighting and visuals from

  • Exitnode
  • Komotive

Smash that Hype button and always appreciate something on the tips to keep the music fresh - bit most importantly: grab your drinks, turn it up, join the chat and have fun!

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https://discord.gg/6swF7Ng (invite link)
4 x 4 Techno workout session with resident DJ’s playing back to back sessions - Recordings of the sets uploaded to Soundcloud after the end of the show!:Past Recordings: