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Slipmat.io Streaming is next generation streaming platform for DJs.


So what's different?


1. Built by DJs, for DJs, and only for DJs

Slipmat.io Streaming was born with the experience of hundreds of events from several streaming services like Mixify, Mixlr and Chew.

Slipmat.io Streaming offers a unique set of tools and features for even the most demanding needs. For the listener Slipmat.io Streaming focuses on just one thing: super easy and enjoyable user experience.


2. Superb video quality, no Flash

Streaming video is hard. Streaming good quality video to mobile and desktop clients natively is extremely hard.

Slipmat.io Streaming takes a different approach regarding video; instead of a custom solution, Slipmat.io uses YouTube, which gives huge advantages: No Flash, works natively on every imaginable mobile device, and you can stream in 4K 60FPS if you want!


3. Focus on Your fans and building a community

Slipmat.io Streaming is all about building your fanbase and a lively community. Events have a chat that offers superior user experience to any other service out there.

Building a fanbase is a lot of work. Slipmat.io gives you plethora of statistics and data on your progress. You get daily and weekly summaries of Facebook likes, Twitter and Instagram followers, and of course, from your live events.

From every event you get detailed statistics of total and peak listener counts, chat activity, follower gains and more. Comparable services for just social media statistics aggregating cost hundreds of dollars per month. Slipmat.io gives that for you for free.


Unique features

All of the above are big and great improvements over currently available services. But there's more! Here are some highlighs:

  • Automatic set tracklist publishing from Traktor, Serato and Rekordbox history or playlists. Publish on your Slipmat.io profile or post to your blog or Facebook page.
  • Easy to use and secure tipping system, so you can actually make money with your live streams!
  • Full-blown, professional request-system that allows listeners to request songs and for DJ an easy way to manage to those requests.
  • Weekly and monthly rewards for most loved DJs on the site, giving lots of publicity in highlights troughout the site.
  • customizable themes for DJ profile page and live event page.
  • Coming soon: Timezone-aware schedule of recurring shows. See all of the weekly shows on a timetable that shows starting times according to your own timezone.
  • Coming soon: Ability to use your own custom domain so you can host your live shows at your-dj-name.com.
  • How about your feature here? Slipmat.io is a community-driven project - you decide where we go!


Freemium and visibility for talent, not for money

We want to provide a free service for anyone to use. And we especially want to give young and starting talents a place for growth and to be highlighted because of talent, not for money.

During the beta phase all of the features will be free. When moving forward, some of the more advanced features (like social media analytics and white label request system for your own domain) that only advanced users need are going to be premium. But talent will always get you free credits for premium features.


Apply for Beta

Want to be among the first to access Slipmat.io Streaming? Opt in for a (low-traffic) Beta mailinglist. We invite DJs from this list to our Beta program weekly.


Slipmat.io launches in public beta in summer 2017. See you there! :)


Slipmat.io is a collection of easy to use Web-based tools for DJs. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter (yes, they're currently quite dead but it's about to change)! You can also email us at slipmat@slipmat.io. Cheers!


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